Choose Life

I just finished watching a disturbing movie about a group of friends in Scotland addicted to heroine. And to be honest, it really messed with my head and my emotions. It made me realize one simple but crucial point. And here it is!
There are things in life that seem so great, so desirable, that they mask us from what is truly worth living for. We can relate this to anything that comes between us, and the things that we know deep down are more important, and should be first priority. That could be our children, our education, and one thing that affects me a lot, God. Many times I catch myself saying “oh it can wait” or “tomorrow is a better time for that”. I put God off to do my own thing, and in the end, my own thing doesn’t amount to anything. I give up time with God for a seat in the sewer. This movie was about how a group of people put drugs before anything else in life, and I have many friends who deal with that everyday, and if they were to read this, I’d say: “friend, choose life”. Thank God I’m not dealing with that right now, and that my biggest problem is not finding time to open the Bible. But I urge anyone reading this to think of the things that you put before the people who love you. I urge you, as myself being a follower of Jesus, don’t neglect God. Don’t let the the craziness of this world mask you from what is truly important.  And please, choose life!



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