Chapter Three

Here’s chapter three of my novel.  If you need to recap what happened in the previous two chapters, they are located in the book category to the right.

Here it is:

He got up from the couch and headed into the next room.

“Oh.” He said as he turned back towards us, “we gotta finish business from last week while y’all are here.”

“Yea man, Eric’s got it all ready for you.” Josh announced.

“Perfect, I’ll get the book.” He said as he left the room.

Chapter three:

A few seconds later he came in with a plastic container and a folder. The folder was one that you would find in an executive hotel welcoming the guests to their five star accommodations; it was quite professional.  He sat back down and opened the folder.

“Last week I gave you five ounces it says here.” He said as he looked up from his paper.

“Yea, you called that stuff cat tail, and it actually went pretty fast.  I think it’s ’cause it was cheaper than what we usually have.” I said as he looked back at his folder.

“And I told y’all to sell it at fifteen a gram, is that what you did?” He asked.

This time Josh answered. “Yea unless we could find the clientele who’d pay more.” Josh chuckled a bit.

“I only wanted 10 dollars back for each gram,” Adrian grabbed his calculator off the coffee table,”that’s five ounces at 280 dollars an ounce. That’s 1,400 dollars. I hope you guys made a little bit off this one. I know it wasn’t the best quality, but hell, this next one’s fire.”

I opened the envelope and proceeded to count out one thousand and forty dollars on the coffee table.  Once all the money was counted Adrian picked it up and put it in the folder.  I continued to count out the rest of the money we had earned.  In total, we had 805 dollars left. Josh got 402.50 dollars, and I got the same.  Josh and I had decided when we went into business together that we would both work hard, and in the end split the profit right in half.

“I’m glad this brought in a bit, we both been in the dump the last week until we could get this money to you.” Josh exclaimed.

Adrian opened the plastic container revealing a ziploc bag full of a new breed.  He took the plastic bag out and laid it on the table.

“This is the good stuff. I’m thinking that you should sell this for either twenty, or twenty five.” Adrian explained.

“What’s it called?” Josh asked.

“Burberry Blush!” Adrian exclaimed.” I don’t know who comes up with the names, but that’s what they called it.”

I laughed a bit, and they did too. The truth about it was that this new stuff was so nice that it could make the grumpiest grown bloke blush; I could tell only by looking at it.

A cell phone rang.  The ringtone was not that of a song, but an instrumental beat.  Josh pulled his phone out, looked at it for a second, and put it to his ear.

“Hey baby what’s going on, you know I’m at. . .” Josh was unable to finish his sentence. He listened for a second to the voice on the other end.  “You okay? Did they take anything?”  His concerned tone changed the mood in the room.  Even Adrian seemed bothered.  “Alright babe, I’ll be there in a second.”  Josh shut his phone, and didn’t say a word. His face scrunched a bit, and anger appeared through his mostly emotionless face.

“What’s up?” Adrian asked.

“Two guys kicked in the apartment door.  Brooke said one of them held her at gun point while the other searched the bedroom.  She don’t know if they took anything, but they had masks on.  Two black guys.”  He paused and took a breath.  “Ima go over and see if they took anything.  You know I had been saving some from each sell, and if they took it… ” He paused.  “Well that’s just not good.”

I sat there listening.  This wasn’t good.  Not only could they have taken his money, but it also meant that others in town saw Josh and I, and everyone that worked for Adrian as real competition.

2 comments on “Chapter Three

  1. Julia Kovach says:

    Nice work! Authentic and interesting. I should know . . . I’m an old hippie gal! lol Take care and keep up the good writing. Write! Write! And then write some more! You’ve got an ability. xoJulia

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