I Stand For. . .

I have no answers today, and I’m not even going to make any statements.  Well, then again, I may make one or two, but for the most part, I only want to ask questions.  What is it that you stand for?  That’s my question.  We see advertisements, political campaigns, religious groups, humanitarian organizations, and many others that stand for a certain cause.  And this is a really good question. What do you stand for?  Everyone stands for something, whether we want to or not.  We must know what we stand for.  One organization that I used to be a part of, Invisible Children, stands for the freedom of children in Central Africa.  They want to see that children in this area will no longer be taken as child soldiers for the LRA and will be able to live in peace.  They know what they stand for, and they work really hard to promote their position.  They have worked so hard that their cause came to the attention of President Obama.  They know what they stand for, and like Invisible Children, we too must know what we stand for.  In life, there will come a time when we are questioned.  We will be interrogated, and must be prepared to answer questions.  These questions we are asked will be based on what we stand for.  And if we are confused as to where we stand, we will not be ready to answer.  Know what you stand for, and when you know what you stand for, stand up for it.  Do not be silent.

2 comments on “I Stand For. . .

  1. i stand for where i come from, Africa and the mis_ justice and media abuse we go through everyday, i stand for children exploited by charity in promise for a better tomorrow, i stand for people exploited by religion in the name of god..

    i stand for everyone that is being questioned by another man as to what makes him or her happy , i stand for anyone that is being robbed the right to live and mostly i stand for anyone that fear has been brought to their hearts…. its a free-world and everyone has the right to live ,express and indulged in what ever it is that is fulling to them .

    i feel we must live our lifes only per our own eyes and understanding!!! freedom to be whatever we want to be………………………….

  2. Julia Kovach says:

    I stand for equal rights for all beings – human and non-human, for peace, love, and nonjudgement…..I stand for not just tolerance of those who are different, but acceptance of them and celebration of their lives! I stand for uplifting others and giving them opportunities to be successful in our lives. Thanks for asking me. And thanks for hearing me! xoJulia

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