Chapter Three

Here’s chapter three of my novel.  If you need to recap what happened in the previous two chapters, they are located in the book category to the right.

Here it is:

He got up from the couch and headed into the next room.

“Oh.” He said as he turned back towards us, “we gotta finish business from last week while y’all are here.”

“Yea man, Eric’s got it all ready for you.” Josh announced.

“Perfect, I’ll get the book.” He said as he left the room.

Chapter three:

A few seconds later he came in with a plastic container and a folder. The folder was one that you would find in an executive hotel welcoming the guests to their five star accommodations; it was quite professional.  He sat back down and opened the folder.

“Last week I gave you five ounces it says here.” He said as he looked up from his paper.

“Yea, you called that stuff cat tail, and it actually went pretty fast.  I think it’s ’cause it was cheaper than what we usually have.” I said as he looked back at his folder.

“And I told y’all to sell it at fifteen a gram, is that what you did?” He asked.

This time Josh answered. “Yea unless we could find the clientele who’d pay more.” Josh chuckled a bit.

“I only wanted 10 dollars back for each gram,” Adrian grabbed his calculator off the coffee table,”that’s five ounces at 280 dollars an ounce. That’s 1,400 dollars. I hope you guys made a little bit off this one. I know it wasn’t the best quality, but hell, this next one’s fire.”

I opened the envelope and proceeded to count out one thousand and forty dollars on the coffee table.  Once all the money was counted Adrian picked it up and put it in the folder.  I continued to count out the rest of the money we had earned.  In total, we had 805 dollars left. Josh got 402.50 dollars, and I got the same.  Josh and I had decided when we went into business together that we would both work hard, and in the end split the profit right in half.

“I’m glad this brought in a bit, we both been in the dump the last week until we could get this money to you.” Josh exclaimed.

Adrian opened the plastic container revealing a ziploc bag full of a new breed.  He took the plastic bag out and laid it on the table.

“This is the good stuff. I’m thinking that you should sell this for either twenty, or twenty five.” Adrian explained.

“What’s it called?” Josh asked.

“Burberry Blush!” Adrian exclaimed.” I don’t know who comes up with the names, but that’s what they called it.”

I laughed a bit, and they did too. The truth about it was that this new stuff was so nice that it could make the grumpiest grown bloke blush; I could tell only by looking at it.

A cell phone rang.  The ringtone was not that of a song, but an instrumental beat.  Josh pulled his phone out, looked at it for a second, and put it to his ear.

“Hey baby what’s going on, you know I’m at. . .” Josh was unable to finish his sentence. He listened for a second to the voice on the other end.  “You okay? Did they take anything?”  His concerned tone changed the mood in the room.  Even Adrian seemed bothered.  “Alright babe, I’ll be there in a second.”  Josh shut his phone, and didn’t say a word. His face scrunched a bit, and anger appeared through his mostly emotionless face.

“What’s up?” Adrian asked.

“Two guys kicked in the apartment door.  Brooke said one of them held her at gun point while the other searched the bedroom.  She don’t know if they took anything, but they had masks on.  Two black guys.”  He paused and took a breath.  “Ima go over and see if they took anything.  You know I had been saving some from each sell, and if they took it… ” He paused.  “Well that’s just not good.”

I sat there listening.  This wasn’t good.  Not only could they have taken his money, but it also meant that others in town saw Josh and I, and everyone that worked for Adrian as real competition.

Chapter Two

Hey everyone, So I finished chapter two of my book.  I added chapter one before it so that you can read that before chapter two if you would like to refresh your memory.

Chapter One:

Welcome to my perfect life.  I couldn’t have it any better.  First of all, she was safe, and, I was safe!  And second of all, we were nowhere near where they were, and surely, they wouldn’t come looking for me.  This life, to us, was paradise.  Let me show you why!  The house was Victorian era, gorgeous, with two maple trees in the front yard, which made the loop of the driveway.  They had asked if we wanted the drive paved, since the dirt road had been eroding over time, but I steadily declined.  The dirt road gave it an authentic look.  The back yard though, was in mint condition and the view was spectacular, especially in the early evening. The shade of the mountain and lack of civilization made the stars visible even while the sun was still up.  This particular day was different, to some it might have been called a muggy day, but the mist being broken over the face of Cliffwall Mountain was indescribable.  We had decided that photography on a misty day like this could be profitable, so we were on our way to find a good place near the base of the mountain to capture the scene. She was in the passenger seat.  I really liked this girl, and the weird thing is, she really liked me too.  Her greenish hazel eyes was what had caught my attention the first time I saw her. Right out of the crowd.  But she must have noticed me that first time too; I’m sure she did.  But she had never given me the reward of knowing it.  Well that was then, now she was mine.  My best friend and the sexiest woman in the world, especially in her hiking boots.  Her fingers weaved their way through my light brown hair, while I kept my focus on the road.  When I was younger, I was a blond, but now it was much darker.  It was at least a few shades darker than her dirty blond hair, which she held as one of her favorite features.  And I promise, her hair wouldn’t disappoint even the most skeptical critics, as it sparkled in the sun.  That is, when there was sun.  But even without the sun, everyday with her was a sunny one.

Pause. I must have been dreaming. What is this empty bare mattress? Oh yea.  It’s mine.  My forehead is sweating, and I wish I could have continued in that beautiful dream, but unfortunately, I was back.  I closed my eyes for just another glimpse.  Just another glimpse at perfection.  So now what? I guess I should tell you the real story. What really happened to me.  It’s a long story.  But then again, I’m sure you have time.

It all started when I was fourteen years old. Old Man Jones down the street had made a deal with me.  If I brought him a percentage of my revenue, he would give me all the cigarettes I needed to sell to my school buddies.  Of course he knew I smoked most of the product to myself; he was still making money.  His deal with me was that I would sell the cheapest cigarettes he had in stock for top dollar.  And even though they were very expensive, all my friends would buy them from me because they were fourteen, and where else would a fourteen year old get tobacco.

 Chapter Two:

Let’s move forward a few years.  To the summer after I had graduated high school.  I was living in Dallas at the time, and just like every city in the United States, you could get in with the right crowd, or get mixed up with the wrong crowd.  Unfortunately for me, I had gotten in with the wrong people.  I had told myself early on, that I would never get into a gang, and thankfully for me, I hadn’t.  But drug dealers, that was a different story.

“Hey man, what you doin’ here? You lost?”

I turned my head from my Ipod to where the voice was coming from.  The guy looked rather intimidating, and his under-shirt revealed a tattoo sleeve on his right arm.  I rolled the driver window down a little further so I’d be able to explain myself better.

“Nah, I’m waiting for a friend.  He told me to meet him here.”  I answered.

“Who you waiting for white boy?”

“Josh.”  I said, right as the guy made it up to my window. “Joshua Everton.”

That answer must have sufficed, because he seemed to lighten up after I gave him Josh’s full name.

“Oh, you roll with Josh.  Well if you friends with Josh, you friends with me too.  I’m Dwayne.  I had to ask you what you were doin’ here, we don’t see many white guys around everyday.”  He explained.

“It’s cool, I’m Eric.”  I replied.

Eric.  That’s my name.  Eric Landon Hartman.

I saw Josh exit the building through the door directly in front of my car.  “Hey Dwayne, you messin’ with my boy?”  Josh said as he walked toward the car.

“No, I just didn’t know who he was.  Just being careful bro.”  Dwayne answered.

Dwayne walked back toward the building.  Josh walked around the front of the car and got in the passenger side.  He lit a cigarette and rolled down the window.

“Where we headed?” I asked as I turned out of the apartment parking lot.

“We gotta stop by Adrian’s, he’s got some stuff for us.” Josh said through the smoke coming out his mouth.

“Alright, and what’s this stuff he’s got for us?”

I knew exactly what he was talking about, but what I was referring to, was the quality?

“He said this was some new stuff.  Some good.  Said it had orange hairs all over it.” He answered.

“Good.  We might make something off this, instead of barely breaking even.” I rejoiced.

This news got my blood pumping.  In the last few weeks, everything that had come our way was of the lowest quality, and low quality meant low prices, which meant no profit.  Josh and I both were in need of the money; him probably more than me, since I still lived with my parents.  But Josh had finished high school two years before me, and he was on his own.  He and I had known each other since my freshman year of high school.  But we were never good friends until about a year ago.  Josh was a pretty big guy.  And when I say big, I don’t mean fat.  In high school, he played football, and even now, he did his best to keep up the muscle.  Josh pulled out two cigarettes, he handed one to me, and lit his.  I lit mine while I kept my eyes on the car in front of me.  My left hand reached over to the door and I rolled the window down slightly to allow the smoke to escape.  Right about then, Adrian’s house came into view.  The house was pretty nice.  Red bricks made up the exterior, and the grass and plants around it were kept up.  Though it was nice, it was also small.  Adrian lived by himself, and thus, didn’t need much space.  I pulled into the driveway, and cut the engine off.

“You got that envelope?” Josh asked as we made our way around the side.  Adrian didn’t like us using the front door, so we would just walk around back.

“Yea for sure!” I answered. “Everything’s in there.”


Josh opened the wooden door, and it creaked ever so slightly.

“Hey Adrian, it’s Josh!” He yelled out.

Adrian had always told us to just come on in, but he also told us to yell out so we wouldn’t startle him.

“I’m in the living room,” was Adrian’s reply.

We made our way into the living room.  Josh shook Adrian’s hand and I followed to do the same.

“What have you been up to?” I asked him as I sat down on the couch across from him.

“Not too much, I was at the bar last night, just woke up two hours ago.”

Adrian did look like he had just woken up.  He wore sweatpants, and a loose white t-shirt.  He stood about 5 foot 9 inches.  He had light brown skin and dark hair, cut short.  I didn’t know how old he was, but if I had to guess, I would have said he was in his late twenties.

“What was going on there?” Josh inquired.

“To be honest, not much at all.  But my boy was DJ so I told him I’d come out.  Not too many people showed up though.” He replied. “But anyways, I got some new stuff for you.”

He got up from the couch and headed into the next room.

“Oh.” He said as he turned back towards us, “we gotta finish business from last week while y’all are here.”

“Yea man, Eric’s got it all ready for you.” Josh announced.

“Perfect, I’ll get the book.” He said as he left the room.

3:24 a.m.

Cascades of color infiltrate my ever growing pupils.  While it is exhilarating, the hues mean nothing.  And my eyes, my poor eyes, where have they traveled?  Where have they gone?  The lush golden-green which used to be displayed ever so confidently has now… vanished.  And in it’s place, an empty black now resides.  This darkness provokes my eyes to play tricks, and they do.  I see the tapestries dance; like a choreographed ballet.  They are no longer hanging on the vertical, but have grown legs, picking fun at my already distorted perception.  Perfect?  Maybe some would dare call it that.  But the truth is, there are no tapestries.  There never were any paintings on the wall.  I swallow.  My throat begs me to take a drink of water, but I can’t find a cup, nor a faucet or anyone around me that would even consider helping me out.  So I ignore my need, and allow my minutes to whither.  I blink, and in that half second of shutting my eyes, I see it.  The end.  I see my pitiful body laying lifeless on the lawn.  Whatever.  It wasn’t real.  I lean my head down, inhale violently, and bring my head back up.  It tickles my nostril as it enters.  I brush the extra powder off the side of my nose.  The impact of the chemical deafens me for a moment.  I lean back, looking up at the ceiling.  It looks abnormally wavy.  Too much.  I cannot stare at such things right now.  And my ears.  The ticking clock seems to have produced a jingle.  Or maybe the time-teller is broken, or maybe it just ticks on beat.  I don’t know, all I know is that I am here.  Someone asks if I’d like a cigarette.  I thankfully accept, but here, in the warmth of this room, is not the place.  I stand up, put my shoes on, and walk towards the door.  I fumble with my lighter as I step onto the unkempt grass that makes up the front yard.  But then, something stops.  There is no beating, no blood flow, no swallowing, no breathing, no remedy.  I fall straight down.  My eyes still open, I see the blades of grass mock me as I lay dying.  Alone.

“Hey. Hey man.” He nudges me one more time until I wake up.  “You passed out on the bed hours ago.”

“What?” I reply.

“Yeah man, we were gonna wake you up when we went to the bar, but Jillian told me to let you sleep.  so I did.  We’re back now.”

I looked at him, my countenance must have expressed confusion, because he just smiled and let out a chuckle.

“Really?  What time is it?” I ask.

“You must have had a crazy dream!  It’s 3:24 a.m.” He answered.

I sat up, and wiped the sleep from my eyes.  Noise came from the other rooms.  Sounds like a group.  At least five or more.

“Yeah.  It was… a weird dream.” I say in a fatigued voice.

He starts toward the dining room door, “Oh, by the way, my buddy from New York is here. He brought some quality stuff back for us to do.  They’re making lines right now.  You wanna partake?”

My dream flashes back through my mind, “No, I think I’m going to head home.”

Choose Life

I just finished watching a disturbing movie about a group of friends in Scotland addicted to heroine. And to be honest, it really messed with my head and my emotions. It made me realize one simple but crucial point. And here it is!
There are things in life that seem so great, so desirable, that they mask us from what is truly worth living for. We can relate this to anything that comes between us, and the things that we know deep down are more important, and should be first priority. That could be our children, our education, and one thing that affects me a lot, God. Many times I catch myself saying “oh it can wait” or “tomorrow is a better time for that”. I put God off to do my own thing, and in the end, my own thing doesn’t amount to anything. I give up time with God for a seat in the sewer. This movie was about how a group of people put drugs before anything else in life, and I have many friends who deal with that everyday, and if they were to read this, I’d say: “friend, choose life”. Thank God I’m not dealing with that right now, and that my biggest problem is not finding time to open the Bible. But I urge anyone reading this to think of the things that you put before the people who love you. I urge you, as myself being a follower of Jesus, don’t neglect God. Don’t let the the craziness of this world mask you from what is truly important.  And please, choose life!