In regards to Phil Robertson

If you didn’t already know, A&E has suspended Phil Robertson from the show Duck Dynasty indefinitely due to his comments in a GQ interview.

He spoke about his own beliefs and his own opinions saying that the Bible was against homosexuality and he himself did not understand why people would be drawn to someone of the same sex.

Well, I have nothing to say about homosexuality.

This post isn’t about what I believe, or contradicting what you believe.

To be completely honest, I know what I believe and I could care less what you believe. You have the right to believe what you believe and I have the right to believe what I believe.

This post is about the fact that America is so sensitive.

America is like the playground in fourth grade, where children get offended by the smallest stuff.  Me, I didn’t grow up in America in the fourth grade. I lived in Mali, West Africa.  I was the only white kid in the neighborhood and I loved soccer, so I would go out and play with all my buddies on the street.  We’d have to jump over the sewer that ran freely in the middle of the street every once in a while.  They all played barefoot. My feet were too sensitive, and the one time I tried to play barefoot, I got cut up on a rock.  From then on, I left the the barefoot to those whose feet were used to it and not sensitive.

America today is like my feet in the fourth grade. So damn sensitive.

My point is this: It does not matter, and why does anyone care that a Louisianan with a beard believes that homosexuality is wrong.

So what?

Are we seriously so childish that we care? Why does it offend you that he said he believes homosexuality is wrong?  This post should be more offensive, because I’m calling anyone who got offended a sensitive fourth grader’s foot.

A&E should not have suspended him because he never said that his views were shared by the network. The LGBT movement should not be offended because his views about what the Bible said were true, and he believes those views, and anyone saying he cannot express that is against religious freedom.  Also, anyone who believes he shouldn’t say what he said is just way too sensitive.

Come on America, when the founding fathers decided to revolt against Britain, those that were sensitive decided to stay loyal with Britain.

It should not matter what he says or believes. If what Robertson said offends you, maybe there is a reason that you are insecure in your beliefs.