The Trigger

A bead of sweat drips down from my thumb.  Even though my hands want to tremble, they cannot.  They rest as they are.  I watch for the perfect opportunity; looking for a way to reach my target as quickly as I can.  My eyes scan the scene for anyone in my way.  My finger wants to pull the trigger, but I do not.  Patience.  My finger sits there stationary.  At last, I pass the last line of defense, and my target is in sight.  I aim, and I squeeze the trigger. . .

GOAL!  Pinkston gets the hat trick.  Third goal of the night, as the puck ended up top corner missing the goaltender’s glove by inches.  I raise my hands in excitement, holding the xbox controller in the right one.  Thank goodness for hockey, and thank goodness for NHL 2011.