The Dream

I arrived at the gate second in line.
God called the first name, then there was mine.
I peered through the gate with excitement on my face.
I couldn’t believe I was finally in that place.
God asked, “what are you staring at?”
I said, “I want to enter, I cannot wait.”
But just as I spoke they had shut the gate.
God said, “I’m sorry, but that is not your fate.”
I cried out, “my whole life I was good,
I even helped the old woman in my neighborhood.
I was always in a caring mood,
and anyone who asked I would give them food.”
But God answered, “yes those are truly good deeds,
but to heaven only the cross leads.”
I cried and begged and asked for grace,
and it was then that I felt an embrace.
I suddenly woke up out of my dream.
My mother’s arms wrapped around me.
I realized the truth would set me free,
and that only being good would never make me clean.

-Zachary Pinkston