The Chatter

There’s so many things that upset me about the world, but this post is not at all about that.  It’s funny that I should start with a phrase such as that, and for the life of me, I can’t tell you why I’d start in such a fashion.  This blog post is not about what makes me mad.  But what I can tell you is that tons of people are upset.  Many are sad, mad, emotional, and frantic.  The blogs that crawl through the internet scream out that people are in need.  There’s so much on the internet that peals at our skin as we read about the demented lives that some have to go through to live, to breathe, and to eat.  The internet chatter beckons us to respond, to feel.  Something-Anything!

One of my communications teachers made a comment about people’s writing on the internet that I totally disagree with.  She said that what most people write on the internet is garbage.  I agree that the wording of what’s written may be garbage, but what most people write is what they are feeling.  I don’t agree with a lot of the stuff people write on the internet, but for that person to write it, it must mean they are dealing with something hard.  Their situation probably sucks.  Their life may not be the life you and I live.  Then again, you may be living a better life than I am, or I may be living a life worth more than yours.  HOLD UP! How can anyone be living a life worth more than someone else’s?  Is someone else’s life worth more than yours? Is my life worth more than yours?  NO.

God created everybody for a purpose.  Every human is greatly loved by God.  People may get lost during life. They may stumble along the way, but God still loves them.  God didn’t give up on David, when David committed adultery and murdered Bathsheba’s husband.  God still loved him, and used David in great ways.  God didn’t give up on Peter, when Peter denied he knew Jesus, and this wasn’t just one slip of the tongue, Peter did it three times.  God doesn’t give up on people, and His forgiveness is never-ending.  And Paul, the greatest missionary ever, he condemned Jesus followers to death for a living.  God forgave him too.

There are many things we may not agree with, in daily conversations, and especially what we read on the internet.  A Jesus follower needs to love and not hate.  In the past, I have, for lack of better words, been MEAN in conversations on the web.  I was wrong in doing that.  People need understanding, they need people to argue their point without blowing their top.  Christians need to love.  God’s forgiveness is for everyone, Christians especially need to remember that.

Humans were designed to search, and feel.  We are driven by emotion, and even when that emotion is targeted the wrong way, we still need to love.  What is the point of saying you follow Jesus, but hate everyone that disagrees with you?  I know Jesus wouldn’t approve.