Fruition: A Spoken Word Poem

Hey ladies and gentlemen, my good friend and spiritual leader, Joshua Healey, made a video that expresses God’s truth and promise.  I encourage you to take 2 minutes to watch his video.  I have below the video the lyrics from this spoken word poem, and if anyone has any questions about what he means in this video, I encourage you to get a hold of me.


By Joshua Healey


I am miserably lost, I just can’t find it

It’s like being a million miles from the treasure,

And yet you’re standing right behind it.

I’ve been searching everywhere for acceptance,

But all the more I am denied it.

And even on my brighter days,

It’s impossible to hide it.

See, how can I conceal this canyon inside of my soul?

While I am under this rolling erosion, a hopeless implosion,

Rotting away, like there’s no shot today,

For me to be whole.

Constantly feeling purposeless, like setting a thousand glamorous goals.

And reaching every last one, without ever understanding my role…

This cycle eats away, like a chewer’s mouth full of Skoal.

Alone, Like the unredeemable separation the south feels from the North Pole.

And trying to make everything appear ok, it does nothing in this cold,

It’s like taking manure and coating it in gold.

With all due respect, please don’t provide me with directions, where I will be told

To grab a copy of “finding happiness for dummies”, I’ll never be sold.


Well perhaps this diagnosis is a wretched discontentment,

Disconnected from true value, from true meaning left bereft.

Where life violently rips any piece of peace we’re left with.

And kicks us to the curb,

We are disturbed by our versions of happiness that turned out to be myths.

Misled by the talking heads and their masquerade of tricks.

Meanwhile the media loudly whispers “cheap thrills will make you rich”.

And this, I beg to fix.

But I can’t be in the mix,

I must trust in Something greater to free me from this glitch.

Like Someone who knows the sting of a thorn, but loves despite the prick.

Is there a Source of meaning,

In a lost and unraveling world, a stitch?

If there was, I’d be fixed.

I’d be broken but I’d be fixed,

In the same exact way you fix a fire with broken sticks.

And such meaning I wish to find,

Because all my life, these “meanings” I’ve missed.

No doctor do I know to tote an antidote like this.

To medicate my identity,

One that’s lost in deep remiss.

Well perhaps we’re searching for restoration,

From the God that we’ve dismissed.

But refused to admit we missed him, because our hearts are sick.

But I guess some of us would rather die from this disease than feel the healing prick.


So we cry out,

What I covet, what I hold, please remove it from my fists.

I beg of you to take it though my flesh resists this risk.

Please bring to fruition within me, the work that pierced Your wrists.

Breathing meaning into my life, the only meaning that exists.


By Joshua Healey

The Bowing Knee

Thunder calls the lightning break,

‘Till my bowing knee start quake,

Answer back for His blood drained

That mourned the Son been slain.

Oh come you who lack faith!

He laid here for death to taste,

And three days death was faced,

But the tomb was not embraced,

Just our transgressions erased.

                        -Zachary Pinkston

The Dream

I arrived at the gate second in line.
God called the first name, then there was mine.
I peered through the gate with excitement on my face.
I couldn’t believe I was finally in that place.
God asked, “what are you staring at?”
I said, “I want to enter, I cannot wait.”
But just as I spoke they had shut the gate.
God said, “I’m sorry, but that is not your fate.”
I cried out, “my whole life I was good,
I even helped the old woman in my neighborhood.
I was always in a caring mood,
and anyone who asked I would give them food.”
But God answered, “yes those are truly good deeds,
but to heaven only the cross leads.”
I cried and begged and asked for grace,
and it was then that I felt an embrace.
I suddenly woke up out of my dream.
My mother’s arms wrapped around me.
I realized the truth would set me free,
and that only being good would never make me clean.

-Zachary Pinkston

Changing Degrees

Life brings about change,
Like the seasons come and go.
Multi-colored leaves fall from the trees in the autumn breeze,
Fall is changing to winter,
The sight of the winter white as it meets sunlight,
Spring is soon to come,
And I wonder,
If life brings about change,
How much change can we bring to life?

-Zachary Pinkston