I am not a hero!

I am plain.  There is nothing interesting about me.  I am a real human being.  In the wake of my every footstep, my footprint is left.  There are no gold drops, no glitter, and as for glamour…none.  The experiences I have been through in my life are more than others, but it does not even compare to the life of a baby boy born into poverty in Northern Uganda.  I have nothing worthwhile to say, let alone think.  There really is nothing.  Everyday I wake up, and every night I go to sleep. Same thing, over and over. There are no original ideas generated in my mind.  I am no one.  I do not have war stories, and I have never saved another human being.  I am not a hero!

But God, knit me together in my mother’s womb.  I am created intricately, so that every second, my heart beats.  Without thinking, my body knows that I need to breathe.  Breathe?  Is that all I do?  God created me to be here right now.  And there is a purpose for that.  He did not want me to be anywhere else.  He did not want me to have war stories, and I have never saved another human being.  But God saved me.  He made me with a mind to think.  He made with a heart to love.  I may not show love in every situation, but even so, I was created for a purpose.  I may feel plain, but I am nowhere near plain.  No one else in the whole world possesses what I have…my life.  I was not born into poverty; maybe my purpose is to end it.  I was born in the land of opportunity.  Maybe I need to give opportunity to those who do not have.  My life is not plain.  No one’s life is plain.  Everyone was born for a purpose.  But my question is this, whose purpose are you fulfilling?

-dedicated to R.M.


I wonder!

I’m the type of person to wonder about things. Normal things! Weird things! Anything really. Like I wonder how much happiness a person gets from people liking their Facebook status? Is it a lot of happiness or is it just a little? I wonder how many guys only hold the door open for the pretty girls, but let it shut in the face of the girl that they wouldn’t care to notice? I wonder why God allows people to suffer? But then again, I wonder why people allow other people to suffer? How many secrets are kept behind closed doors and away from the public ear? Who is allowed to know those secrets? I wonder why all the yummy food is the worst for me, and why chocolate can’t be like asparagus? There’s a few things I don’t wonder about. I know that the world is a much better place when people love each other. I wonder when we will realize that? I know that so many global issues could be solved if we all put others before ourselves. I wonder when we will give up selfishness? I know that there’s a famine right now in Somalia and Ethiopia. But I wonder how many people really care? I know that young girls, the age of my little sister, are being kidnapped and put into the sex trade. But I wonder when the world will decide to act against it? I know that kids in Uganda, Rwanda and the Congo are being kidnapped and forced to massacre innocent people for the rebel army. I wonder when we will stand up to stop it? I know that we can make a difference. But I wonder who will be a part of that “we”. That’s what I wonder! What do you wonder?